• Promotes mental, language, literacy, physical, social, and emotional development in a learning environment
  • Early childhood education services in a range of developmental appropriate settings
  • Ongoing child observations and development progression
  • Children are assessed three times a year to make sure they are ready for kindergarten when they leave the program


  • Parent Clubs are designed to help keep parents up-to-date on classroom activities and community resources, give input into the curriculum and participate in activity with their child
  • Partnerships between parents and staff are designed to promote each family’s well-being through education, support services and increased access to community resources.


Special Needs Staff:

  • Recruit children already diagnosed with special needs
  • Help identify children who may have developmental delays
  • Initiate and track referrals for children who need further evaluation
  • Work with school districts to ensure special education services are provided
  • Provide support and resources for parents of children with special needs

Health Coordinator:

  • Assists families with their child’s dental needs
  • Follows up on initial dental exams and referrals

Classroom Specialists:

  • Visit classrooms to assist the staff in planning for children who may need additional support in social emotional development
  • Consult with parents and teachers concerned about a child’s behavior or mental health
  • Support families in coping with stressful life events that effect their parenting or their child

Program Highlights

Bus transportation offered at select sites

Nutritional meals, diapers, and wipes are provided

Opportunities for parenting classes and information

There is no fee for the Head Start or Early Head Start services

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